Sharing The Past is the exploration of over 100 years of letters and memorabilia sent by my ancestors and their friends.

This project began as a simple task, to help my dad clear out piles of stuff he'd been accumulating for decades. Over 1000 square feet filled with books, toys, furniture, clothing, letters, postcards, car parts, tools, and so much more. 

When I started, I assumed almost everything was junk and the clean up would be a few trips to a dumpster. I never expected to uncover so many "treasures" and a unique insight into my family history that, apparently, I knew nothing about. Perhaps because I never thought to ask.

The more boxes unpacked, the more stories unfolded and I quickly realized that while it would be easy to throw everything away, I didn't want to. I wanted to experience. I wanted to uncover the stories behind the items, ask the questions I didn't know I wanted answered, and learn about the people waiting in over a thousand letters & postcards for their voices to be heard again.

Thanks for your support! 
- Laurie Conklin

Christmas 1974. (That's me with the polar bear on the floor.)

Christmas 1974. (That's me with the polar bear on the floor.)

               Dad & me in Morocco 2015.

               Dad & me in Morocco 2015.

Wanted! Letters from My Relatives.

Do you have letters, postcards or photos sent to your relatives from any of these people?  If so, please share!  I'm especially interested in: Hilda Pinborough, Hilda Atkinson, Benjamin Atkinson, Alice Pinborough, Winifred Pinborough, Frederick Pinborough, Virginia Atkinson, Virginia (Ginny) Roberts, Tilly Evans, Virgil Roberts, Mary Caroline Mofield (Mohfeld), Huebotter.

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