Vintage Popcorn Equipment

Vintage Popcorn Signs circa 1940s.

Vintage Popcorn Signs circa 1940s.

Tucked away in Salt Lake City is a bit of what remains of Grandpa's Popcorn Equipment. Dad has been trying to decide what to do with it for some time. Know any buyers?

Two popcorn cabinets. One made by "R.O. Stutsman Company Des Moines, Iowa USA. Square Dealin Our Policy Trade Mark" and the other unknown. The brown one Grandpa used to pop popcorn in and the White one he store it in. According to dad, both are Oak.

There are also a few Cretor's Commercial Poppers tucked in the back of the storage unit that are gas heated and were used for buttered corn. And a few other machines and kettle that were used to make caramel and candy corn.